Annual Care

Our annual program for plot owner
maintenance is billed March 1st of each
year and includes lawn cutting, pruning,
trimming, reseeding and grading.  It is
billed at the current rate per grave for the
current year. If you choose to have
planting there is an additional charge.  We
take great pride in our work, as can be
seen when you visit our grounds.
Endowed Care

After an inspection of the plot, a price for
endowed care may be quoted.   It is also
known as perpetual care and is an
alternative to annual care.  It offers the
services of annual care without the annual
fees.  There is a per grave charge for the
endowment.  The price of Endowed Care
does not include any provisions for future
planting.  The work is performed to the
extent that the income is sufficient to
provide for same. The principal must be
held intact to assure a continued income.

Planting is done by our cemetery
personnel.  This program is seasonal
(May & Sept.) and offers a one year
guarantee.  We are responsible for
fertilizing and watering to assure growth
and longevity.