Rules and
1.  No sale or transfer shall be recognized as valid unless the cemetery corporation has been notified
thereof in writing, and unless prior approval thereof has been obtained from the New York State
Cemetery Board in accordance with Section 85 of the Membership Corporations Law.

2.  No plot shall be enclosed with a hedge or coping or fence, but the boundaries thereof shall be
marked by posts, (erected by the owner) of dressed stone, and not less than six nor more than twelve
inches square, securely set, and level with the surface of the ground.  No grave shall be surrounded by
what is called a "bed" or "cradle".

3.  No mound shall be permitted on any plot.

4.  Only one monument shall be erected on a plot or any number of contiguous plots held by the same
owner, except by special permission in writing of the Corporation.  The payment to the Corporation of
the agreed fees for construction of foundations shall be paid in advance of the erection of
mausoleums, columbariums, and of vaults, wholly or partly above ground.

5.  No improper effigies or tombstones bearing offensive inscriptions will be permitted to be placed in
or upon any part of the Cemetery.  And if any monument, effigy, or any structure whatsoever, or any
inscription be placed in or upon any plot, contrary to the Jewish Law, the Directors shall have the right,
and it shall be their duty, to enter upon such plot and remove the offensive or improper object.

6.  No sign indicating that any plot or vault, or any property or property right is "for sale" will be permitted
in the grounds.

7.  The Directors from time to time may lay out or alter any roads, avenues, paths or walks in the
Cemetery.  All roads, avenues, paths and walks shall be kept open and unobstructed at all times.  No
interments shall be made in or under any roads, avenues, paths or walks.  The Directors may change
the lay-out of lots or plots not sold.

8.  Trucks and other vehicles shall be driven only upon roads.  Any right of way less than twenty (20)
feet in width shall not be considered a road, but a path, and the Superintendent shall have the right to
direct traffic over roads.

9.  The sale or assignment of a lot to a person or persons, not of the Jewish faith is illegal and of  no

10.  The interment of NON-JEWS shall not be permitted in the Cemetery and in no event shall
NON-JEWISH services or obsequies be held within the Cemetery, except upon the consent in writing
of the President of the Corporation, proper and suitable society services may be held.

11.  Interments in mausoleums or underground vaults will only be permitted when casket or coffin is
encased in a metal, metallic-lined, air-tight, over-sized box, which can be soldered and in compliance
with all laws and regulations of the Public authorities.

12. The agreed charge for opening and closing a grave, a mausoleum, an underground vault, or
columbarium must be paid before any interment therein will be permitted.  Interments will not be
permitted on Saturdays or Yom Kippur, nor before sunrise or after sunset.

13.  No mausoleum, vault or columbarium can be erected on a space of less than 288 square feet.

14.  All work done or to be done in the Cemetery must be approved in writing by the corporation as to
plans, materials and workmanship and every contractor, builder, plot owner or other person or
persons who desire or intend to do any work in the Cemetery shall first obtain a written permit from the
corporation, which permit shall not be unreasonably withheld.

15.  All grading, excavation work, foundation work, and cleaning of plots, graves, mausoleums or other
similar structures, shall be done by the corporation, at the expense of the owner of the plot on which
the work is done, and none of this work will be permitted to be done by any person or persons except
the corporation or its employees, or agents, but upon the failure or refusal of the corporation to do
such work, then the lot owner shall have the right to do such work by his own contractor.

16.  The corporation reserves the right to remove from, in or about any plot either wholly or in part any
monument which has fallen down or any bush which has overgrown its plot.

17.  All monuments or headstones, markers, etc., must be put in position within forty-eight hours of  
the time when they shall have been brought within the grounds; otherwise, the work may be done for,
and at the expense of the parties directly interested.

18.  All derricks or parts thereof, scaffolding, tools, lumber unnecessary and unused material and
rubbish, must be promptly removed after completion of work by the plot owner or his agent or agents,
or if the work is abandoned, or delayed in its progress, otherwise they may be removed at his or their

19.  The Board of Directors shall have the power to determine when any particular body has been in
the receiving vault for a sufficient length of time.  It may, after requesting one or more of the surviving
relatives (or legal representatives, if there are no relatives) of the deceased, to remove such body
within a stated time, and upon their failure to act, cause such removal to be made and the body
decently interred in the public ground of the cemetery.  The charge for the use of the receiving vault
shall be as fixed from time to time by the Board of Directors.

20.  All persons are requested to remember that the cemetery grounds are sacredly devoted to the
interment of the dead, and all who violate the regulations of the Cemetery will be excluded therefrom.  
Any person who injures or disturbs any monumental work, trees, shrubs, plants, memorial or anything
whatever in the Cemetery, without authority, violates the law and is punishable by a fine or
imprisonment, or both.  The provision of the law will be strictly enforced in all cases of wanton injury.

21.  The owners of lots, in opening graves, must keep at least six inches within the limit of their lots,
and prevent any damage to the adjoining owners.

22.  All foundations or monuments shall be at least six feet deep, and all graves shall be of a depth
required by legal authorities, and proprietors will be held responsible for all damages done to
adjoining lots by violation of this rule.  All monumental work must have the surface next to the
foundation dressed off true, to allow every part to be in contact with the foundation.  The removal or any
building of any part of the foundation, the use of sprawls between the base stone and the foundations
or any other defective workmanship in the base stone will not be allowed.

23.  All workmen employed in the construction of tombs, erection of monuments, etc., shall be subject
to the control and direction of the cemetery, and any workman failing to conform to this regulation will
not be permitted to work in the grounds.

24.  Persons with liquors or refreshments will not be permitted to enter, and those having baskets or
like articles must during their stay in the grounds, leave them at the office of the Superintendent.  No
liquors or refreshments will be allowed to be taken upon the cemetery grounds to be disposed of in
any manner whatsoever.

25. No photographs, digital, film, or otherwise may be taken without prior consent of the cemetery.