Planning for the
It is important to look to the future and plan
ahead. It is wise to make your selection of a
final resting place in a leisurely and under
un-stressful circumstances.   It is a supreme
kindness to spare loved ones the added
burden of this decision when the events
demand hurried action under the strain of a
deeply emotional time. When you visit Mt.
Eden Cemetery you will see its exquisite
park-like setting, its convenient location,
with facilities that assure continued care
and a lasting tribute to loved ones. By
making your selection prior to need, you will
have the opportunity to make a selection
alone or with your family. This allows you to
have a harmonious decision reached by
you and your loved ones.

We have a large range of plot
configurations available to you and your
Single Grave

Two Grave Plots

Family Plots(Three or more graves)

Estate Plots

Private Mausoleum Property
Historical Registry
In 1998, The Mount Eden Cemetery worked
in conjunction with HMIS Cemetery Software
to store its historical registry in a computer
database. In ( 2004 ) we added a mapping
program which allows us to have a complete
overview of the cemetery and can print
maps of specific locations.